Welcome Ashore, Madame

by Mercy Beach



A two song single for our lovely fans with a couple of your favorite Mercy Beach cuts.


released June 18, 2013

Mike Roland - lyrics, guitar, vocals, bass (99 Problems)
Jeff Lawrence - bass (The Kathy)
Roy Miller - drum kit

Recorded at Fire Hyena Studios in Saginaw, MI



all rights reserved


Mercy Beach Flint, Michigan

Mercy Beach is making its mark as one of the more versatile contemporary alt-rock acts in the business. Taking cues from groups such as Queens of the Stone Age, Nirvana, and The Pixies they are weaving their own spin on indie rock into the fabric of rock and roll's vast tapestry. ... more

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Track Name: I've got 99 Problems but a % ain't 1
What would you think if I ran this town, if I ran this town straight to the ground would you notice any change? Fill your buckets full of red, we're gonna paint this town 'til we all drop dead from laughing through the pain. Cover your eyes, smile open wide, take a breath to fill your breast. Cherish the lies, hold them in tight, don't forget to dim the light inside your...I want the truth. Not just the version we're spoon fed since our youth. Do you know what I mean? If not just keep dancing and step in line with the beat cause it's all the same. Nothing is changing and the balance is not in our favor. What would you think if I uncovered your eyes?
Track Name: The Kathy
Bury me not on the shores by my fathers. Bury instead my soul in the sea with ancestors who never had heard of my name and a thousand mistakes you’ve indebted to me; tell me why.

Bury me under a blanket of gallons, the light from the surface is hard now to see. There is a fury in knowing that we cannot share this. Who knew that drowning was so breathtaking; tell me why.

It hasn’t been cold now for nigh on three hours I’m dancing the foxtrot with the kings of the sea. One thing that weighs on my mind at this time; when these things come to pass I’ll be one with the brine. Tell me why.